Our Story

Vintage Grace was founded in 2021 right out of Chandler's New York City apartment. Why? To make luxury fashion less intimidating, and more accessible. Inspired by the craftsmanship, and heritage stories behind true vintage pieces, Chandler wanted to share these stories that lived behind the clothing that represent not only the tangible but also sentimental value of these pieces, that are so much more than just clothing. Starting as a way of preserving fashion history, this venture also inspired her to bring access to a more sustainable way of shopping luxury items. For Vintage Grace, it's not just about selling clothing, it's about the history of each piece being represented in the modern day.

Vintage Grace only searches for pieces that have maintained their beauty, charm and state from their previous life till now. Pieces that can seamlessly become staple parts of anyone's modern day wardrobe today. Vintage Grace is here to bring a modern, and more sustainable approach to luxury vintage.